How To Impress Your Employer In Your Work

In a job, it is important to have a good relation with your superiors and boss. An employer’s expectation from their employee is often difficult to judge. There can be different demands and expectations for different types of job but there are some qualities every employer looks for in their staff.

Here are some qualities employers look for:

Willingness To Learn: Every job calls for some new approach which the employee needs to learn. The employee needs to be open to these new ideas and information. Especially the newbies in the office have plethora of things to learn, such as, scheduling the task, office etiquette, sharing behavior with employees, and the work style.

Enthusiasm: Employees need to enjoy their work and work passionately to achieve their target and work in the company’s interest. The employees need to feel enthusiastic about their target and the company’s target. Only when the employees feel motivated can they give their best and work more productively.

Character: Employers always look for candidates and employees who are sound in character and have an inspiring and enthusiastic approach towards their work and colleagues alike. Employers look for credibility, committed and compassionate individuals whom they can value in their organisation.

Flexibility: In the present-age competitive work atmosphere, it is important that the employees adopt a flexible approach towards new changes and new circumstances. Rigid approach leads to a deadlock both in their career and the company’s culture. Furthermore, employees who come up with new thinking are in demand, as their new approach solves many of the problems.

Open To Criticism: Those who are open to constructive criticism learn from their mistakes, and work upon them. It helps them to come out with a strong character and become a valued employee. Resistance to criticism hampers the development of both the employee and the company.

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4 Skills Every Graphic Designer Should Have

Graphic designers are needed by various digital agencies, media, and organization not just to create visually pleasing images and posters for promotional purposes but also to design various brochures, pamphlets, logo for the company. However, there are many graphic designers who find it difficult to land a job in this field. The industry is expected to grow with many organizations moving into the online digital world and having the following skills will have an added bonus to land a job.

Here are some skills a Graphic Designer must possess:

Knowledge: This may sound very general but competition in this field is increasing. If competition is pushing you down, having knowledge on the trends of this industry will help a lot. If you are well knowledgeable, you are more likely to feel confident during your interview and can answer questions well.

Be Visible: For being found easily, you can have your own blog or website. This way, recruiters can also see your work online. Creating a blog on the internet is really easy. Do some research on the internet and make a list of the companies where you can apply for your first job. Keep checking on the internet when these companies have job openings.

Resume: As a fresher, you may find it difficult to write your resume, and may also make some mistakes while writing one. Save your resume from poor layout and typos. Don’t emphasize on filling up pages; have a clear focus and be specific. Keep it short, simple and precise. Graphic designers can also showcase their skills by creating a resume or portfolio template of their own that can highlight their skill visually. Be creative.

Internship Helps: If you’re finding it hard to get a job in this industry but getting a chance to work as an intern, you may consider on it. There are several benefits which an internship can provide you. You can gain experience in your particular field and also a network of contacts. There are short term and long term, paid and unpaid internships. Internships are more about training than work.

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How To Follow Up On Job Hiring After An Interview

So you have been called for an interview and everything goes well. The interviewers and you leave on good terms and everything is looking good, so good that you think the job is yours. This is often a common feeling amongst job seekers but does not mean it will turn out so. The key is following up on the job interview to show the prospective employers your willingness to join their organisation.

Here are some post interview tips:

Post Interview: The first step of a follow-up starts right after the interview is over, where you can ask the interviewer by when they will be taking the hiring decision. A follow-up is not another task but a calculated tactic that puts you a step ahead of other candidates, especially if there were a sizable number of candidates that appeared along side you.

Be Proactive: The key is to be proactive without appearing needy for the position. There are subtle ways by which you can let the interviewer know about your interest for the position and the company.

Call Up Your Reference: Get in touch with your references to let them know that they might expect a call anytime.

It’s All In The Name: Get the names of the interviewers right and if possible, their contact numbers by asking for a business-card.

Thank You: First contact should be made by a formal letter or rather a thank you card that shows your gratitude for being considered for the position. Do this for every person present on the interview panel and for every interview given by you. Keep the odds in your favour. Also remind the interviewer about your profile and mention your keenness for the position.

Patience Pays: There is no specific or set time for calling if you do not get the feedback on your letter but ideally waiting for a week’s time is sufficient before establishing contact once again.

Be Professional: While talking to the interviewer for a follow-up; sound as much professional and polite as possible. The first question to be asked should be concerning the hiring decision. If the answer is yes, then you can get to know who 
has been hired for the position. But if the answer is no then you can ask that when can you give a follow-up call again or whether there is a chance of a second interview.

Keep Searching: While doing follow-up with different companies, do not forget to keep the process of job-hunting active. You do not want to miss out on other opportunities just because you are confident about getting selected at one place.

Negotiation: While discussing your position with your future employer, you can definitely mention other job offers and capitalize on them to negotiate on your profile and salary.

Stay In Touch: Remember, for every person that you make a contact with, it is important to have a fruitful relation irrespective of whether they are able to help you out presently or not. You never know when a contact might come handy.

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4 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Security Guard

A security guard is a person whom every visitor meets while entering to your office. It is important to provide a secure and relaxed environment to your clients in order to gain their confidence. The secure environment helps in promoting good relations. Also, hiring a security guard is not at all difficult. However, hiring a qualified security guard is a difficult job as you need to very careful while selecting them. It is vital to monitor their activities and keep an eye on them. Here are a few tips that will help you to select a perfect security guard for your company:

Examine the supervision system: Before you hire a security guard, sign a contract with him. Make sure you check with security provider if they are able to provide adequate supervision or not. Also, random spot-checking of the guard is essential as this will help you know if the person is capable or not.

Training of the guards: Do check about the training of the guard. There might be a chance that the security guard is not well trained. It is important that you check the security certification. Check about the agency, the training provider and duration of the training as well.

Check qualifications: Basic education helps a person to react in different situations. Though guards are there for your security, it is important that he has a basic understanding of things. No, we are not saying that a security guard should know how to operate the computer. But it is very important that a person knows how to write and read basic English.

Regular inspections: Security guard is the first person every visitor meets. It is essential that you go for regular inspections. Other than the regular ones, surprise inspections also help. Visit the guard other than normal hours. While inspecting, cross-question your guards. Know about their duties and understand their jobs.

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4 Advantages of Hiring a Professional Plumber

Many people prefer to do their household things themselves, but plumbing is one job that needs a lot of professionalism. Though a plumber can be expensive sometimes, there are a lot of benefits of hiring one over doing things on your own. Problems like clogged drains or leaking pipes are not as simple as they seem. Also, you can’t trust anyone when it comes to your plumbing problems, it is always advisable to hire a professional for the job. Below are 4 advantages of hiring a professional plumber.

Can deal with difficult jobs: Most of the plumbing problems are simple, but there are times when even your neighborhood plumber can’t diagnose. But this is an easy task for an experienced professional plumber.

Expert advice is important: You might face issues that need constant attention. One of the issues could be the leakage of pipes from many places. You might try to fix it on your own, but what a professional plumber can do, you can’t. A professional plumber looks at each problem separately and tries to fix the drainage permanently.

Can fix various problems: When it comes to home, people want things to be perfect. Hiring a professional plumber will definitely help you in solving it quickly and properly. Moreover, you don’t need to bother about the work a professional plumber is doing. You can spend time doing other important stuff and plumber will complete his work.

Work guarantee: A professional plumber will always give you a guarantee on his/her work. In case, if the problem occurs again, you can call them immediately. Also, they will guarantee the work and will offer coverage for a certain period of time.

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A Resume Guideline To Get A Promotion In Your Job

A Resume Guideline To Get A Promotion In Your Job

In any workplace, employees are always looking to move the corporate ladder. However, to do this, the first thing an employee must do is update their resume. Hence, it becomes very crucial to make a resume credible, and up to the mark for all kinds of port folios. The basic requirements of all kinds of resumes or curriculum vitae are similar, but in order to give your resume that extra edge, and make it stand out, one can make several simple changes, which can effectively raise the standard of the content in it.

Here are some points to remember when writing a resume for promotion:

Summarise: A summary of your career and a brief on the type of opportunities you are looking for will help a recruiter or management figure out what an employee is looking for. The companies where you apply for a job, at any post, can either be offering what you need or not, and this part of the resume will help them get a chance to experience your confidence in terms of ambitions and goals.

Work Experience: This part deals with work experiences and responsibilities delivered in the workplace. It showcases the work an employee has done in the designated field. This part of the resume is meant for the recruiters to find reasons for hiring or promoting you. This section needs to carry the responsibilities you may have undertaken while at your current or previous job and your strength areas of work.

Qualifications and Trainings: Here you as an employee or new recruit highlight the level of education, special trainings, learning programs undertaken in your designated field. This highlights the edge you may have over other applicants. This also highlights your commitment in your designated area of work and shows you are capable to adapt in the changing nature of the workforce. Not mentioning these will be a waste of such trainings and qualifications.

Goals: State your goals for a promotion. This should be mentioned clearly in your resume so that the management gets a clear idea of the kind of work you are looking for. Be concise, clear, and avoid any ambiguities. This showcases your confidence and provides a clear vision of your mandated goals.

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Some Myths Of Getting Jobs And Job Search!

Some Myths Of Getting Jobs And Job Search!


There are various categories which are used by employers to hire a fresh candidate into their workforce. These range from education qualifications to work experiences. Depending on the type of jobs being applied for, a job seeker might also need specialised skill set.

Not having one of the job requirements does not mean, a job seeker cannot apply for that particular job. There are ways to get around this challenge if the person is sure that this is the job or career they are looking for.

Here are some myth-busters when it comes to job and career success:

Qualifications Mean Success: We are often told during growing up years that the most educated person gets a better job in the future. But, in today’s globalised world and new economy structure this rule doesn’t apply anymore. The key to success in your job hunt depends on presenting the right skills and talents and the application of knowledge in the practical use for a workplace or business.

Just Hard Work Means Success: There is this common saying that hard work rewards into career success. In the modern job scene, this saying however does not necessarily hold true. Hard work often gets overlooked with hundreds of employers working in any given workplace. The key is to let the management know about your own success by providing details of your work history for the business. Just working hard without notifying your immediate superiors will lead to a burnout and lack of motivation will ensue. Good appraisals are received not due to the hard work of the employee. It is received because the management knows about his hard work.

The First Offer Is The Best Offer: For any first time job seeker or fresher, getting a job is very important but not knowing the industry standards will play into the hands of any recruiting manager. For inexperienced job seeker, the deal given might seem enough but a little bit of research always help. Remember, for any Human Resource department or recruitment manager their success is measured in how less they have recruited the employee at. There is always a margin of improvement, which can be worked on negotiating the best outcome for yourself.

Always remain practical in your job search and knowing how to present your skills and talents, having strong negotiating skill and understanding the industry will help a job seeker make the right decision.

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10 Things To Look For When Hiring A Welder

10 Things To Look For When Hiring A Welder

Welders are called to join various metal parts and are most needed in construction, repair works, manufacturing, basically any areas where metal is involved. Again, not everyone can become a welder as it requires precise knowledge of welding metals and bring some form of shape and figure to their tasks assigned.

Here are some skills that every Welder should have and one must look for when hiring:

Blueprints: A great welder is able to read and understand the blueprints of a task assigned and quickly understand the information and its purpose on the project. A welder should be able to recall information about the blueprint be able to work within a team.


Awareness of Safety Standards: A great welder understands safety standards of the industry for protection of themselves, others, and the equipment and tools at hand.


Concentration: A great welder is able to give their attention fully to a project for long periods of time. They are able to remain committed to their work and ensure all aspects are completed correctly.


Customer Service Skills: A great welder has excellent customer service skills and can meet the needs of clients and work well with other staff.

Detail-Orientation: A great welder is very detail-oriented and when completing a project, is thorough in the work and does not overlook anything that could have larger, unwanted effects.


Good Eyesight: A great welder has sharp vision and is able to see intricate details in a work area.


Knowledge of Metallurgy: A great welder is very familiar with various types of metals, their physical properties, and how to work with them.


Knowledge of Tools and Equipment: A great welder is experienced with a variety of welding tools and equipment. They know how to most effectively use the tools to get the job done quickly in a safe manner.


Thorough Knowledge of Various Welding Techniques: A great welder has a thorough knowledge of different techniques, such as metal art, oxy-fuel, flux core arc, and gas tungsten arc welding.

Manual Dexterity: A great welder has excellent manual dexterity and good hand-eye coordination to perform the complicated physical maneuvers required of a welding career.

5 Strategies To Land Job In Online Marketing

5 Strategies To Land Job In Online Marketing

There are many companies moving into the digital and online landscape, where they are pushing their brand and messaging directly to the millennials. To be successful as an online marketer, a candidate needs to know the current trends, put their knowledge in daily operations, and being able to identify future trends.

Before applying for this job, consider your skills, knowledge and experience with these tips:

Creative Evergreen Content: A good online marketer knows that creating evergreen content never goes out of style as these can be used time and again. Evergreen content is not made irrelevant by the fact that it is out-dated. Creating such creative content offers a business’ clients and new prospective clients value about the company and helps in reaching out to more people. An online marketer will know how to create it and put it to good use.

SEO Strategies: Search Engine Optimisation plays a key role in driving online traffic. A website that does not appear in the first two pages of search results will never be successful. Plus, there are so many websites in the online world that knowing which keywords and phrases to use and being able to implement them properly will help get those online footfalls into a company’s website. Online marketers needs to know how to generate traffic through the use of white hat SEO strategies.

Engaging Social Media: Social media has made marketing an equal level playing field. Since the rising popularity of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, these platforms have become an important part of online marketers. Social media has changed the marketing game and the most successful marketers know how to link customer websites to social media platforms in a way that produces real and verifiable results.

Incorporating Video: Information presented visually is much more powerful than written text alone. This is why sites such as YouTube and Vimeo have such a notable influence in the modern era. Incorporating video is definitely a marketing strategy that will not die out anytime soon.

Maintaining Relevance: Online marketers willing to make a point of ensuring their websites maintain relevance are the same markers that consistently do well over long periods of time. By definition, relevance makes a site something valuable to its visitors. Ignoring relevance will subject a website to being completely ignored.

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5 Signs That Medical Lab Assistant Job Is For You

5 Signs That Medical Lab Assistant Job Is For You

If you are one of those who loves science and are trying to get into a technical area or trying for an expertise it is normal for people to work as lab assistants. Working in this field requires a person to be task-oriented and meticulous and if you are one of this kind of person, here’s why being a medical lab assistant is the right job for you.

Love of science: Many student graduates having a strong background in chemistry and biology, you have knowledge of tissues and cells, and understand the chemical compositions and its interaction with the human body. If this kind of knowledge excites you, it’s a good sign you would enjoy a role as a medical lab assistant.

Attention to details: Not everyone pays attention to the minute details. If you’re someone who values accuracy and thoroughness, have the ability to compile, categorise, code and calculate a researchers findings then this job will be perfect for you. Missing the smallest detail could have big implications, as it could directly affect how the patient is treated. Complex problem solving and precise communication are also important traits.

Repetition: As a lab assistant, various tasks can be repetitive as researchers look for answers using various methods. Not everyone can stay focussed during recurring tasks. Knowing your work adds value to society, no matter how redundant the task is something every researcher is looking for in an assistant.


Working behind the scene: Not everyone wants to be center stage, and that’s ok! You don’t have to be interacting with patients at the bedside all day long in order to make a difference. A medical lab tech career will allow you to play an integral role in the healthcare system without being in the spotlight.


Career stability: As population ages and medical issues arises, there will always be a need for researchers and thereby lab assistants to help them carry on their work. Medical lab work provides security and stability. With rising medical issues, governments will always look to increase job opportunities.


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